Research point 4.2

Research in Identifying Font

Other characters:

! ” £ $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + – = ¬ < > ? / * | \ ; : ’ @ # ~ { [ } ]

Typography in Mini Undergraduate Prospectus 2018 (University of Bedfordshire)

My results using could not find a perfect match instead I was given the closest match (Linotype Univers Condensed) and 27 close matches. I think I may have answered some questions wrong due to me taking reference from the normal and bold font found in the book. I know think that these could be two different fonts even though they look identical. I was also unable to answer some questions because I did not have the letter required for reference.

I was surprised with the amount of questions asked to identify a typeface but it really made me realise the small intricacies that can change a font. At first it’s hard to distinguish between two fonts but when you look closely and understand what to look for then the differences can be seen. The small details like angle, serifs, straight leg or curve all make the difference.

Exercise 4.1: Playing with Words

Using the following words create typographical representations that present both the word and a suggestion of its meaning.

Sad      Safe      Sardonic      Saucy      Scholarly      Serious      Shadow Shattered      Shy      Short      Silly      Sinking      Skimpy      Sleek      Smart Snowy      Sodden      Soothing      Sordid      Sophisticated      Speed      Squat Squeeze      Stiff      Stodgy      Stoned      Style      Supine      Swagger      Sweet


Using A4 Paper and Scissors:

playing with words_NEW


playing with words 2


playing with words_0001_NEW

playing with words continued_NEW



playing with words



playing with words 2


  •  Sad – small, dissolved and with a slight downward arch. Bottom of page because when sad feel low. Colour black for sadness.
  • Safe – big, bold font, upper caps, shows strength, close together shows being safe when stuck together, centre of page away from edges, safe. Colour, calming blue and with a metallic gradient and black stroke protecting letters.
  • Sardonic – I find this a difficult word to represent in type. Colour red to show negativity, ugly font, slight bulge to create not appealing design to represent ugly emotion.
  • Saucy – Red for passion and love. Thin font but with stylish flicks to create allure.
  • Scholarly – Times new roman font – clean, serif, italic, and commonly used for text. Has old feel like. Black to represent black ink used by scholars.
  • Serious – block letters all caps , thin, serif, straight.
  • Shadow – colour doge but has own shadow highlighting word.
  • Shattered – broken and shattered, stained glass effect texture and stencil like font.
  • Shy – small in corner, font is freeform handwriting type font, away from everyone else. Opacity lowered, would rather be invisible.
  • Short – standing straight but short, green with envy, green grass, font is illustrated with short curves and points.
  • Silly – long and curves which looks like smiles, colour multicolour for happy and fun. Childlike font. Stroke, looks like someone drew it and coloured in.
  • Sinking – sinking to bottom of page, bubble texture and blue colour for sea representation. A little distortion for undersea affect.
  • Sweet – orange like sweet orange and also sweets. Child like font to show sweet amd sweet packet like font.
  • Stiff – Standing straight stiff, stencil, rigid font like army. Strong blue colour.
  • Sordid – Negative word – upside down and grouped with sardonic. Red – evil colour, thin sharp font.
  • Sophisticated – strong on top, elegant calligraphy font type.
  • Speed – speeding into distance, yellow to represent light, light is fast. Font used helps looks like its travelling. Also, gradient colour, motion effect.
  • Squat – solid colour and shape, bevel, squat is strong but short, standing. Facing down like squat.
  • Squeeze – purple from getting squeezed. Squeeze transform, stroke added to close gaps. Bold but small font.
  • Stodgy – full of water, inner glow, wobbly font,
  • Stoned  – green for weed, slanted for being stoned, and wobbly font.  Opacity low  
  • Style  –   stylistic font with curves and angles, red is attractive.
  • Supine –       laying down, shadow on ground, midnight blue
  • Swagger   – cool pink, stroke, bevel, funky layout of letters.   
  • Sweet – bubblegum pink, rounded font,



I found this task difficult at times because I did not know how I could represent the word through its shape, colour or size. I was also not familiar with some of the words like sardonic and supine. Some of the words I enjoyed representing with type were the word speed and I found this easy to represent. Sinking was another word I felt I could represent well with the word literally sinking to the bottom of the page. I think shattered came across well with the glass like word shattered in different places. Also after a little thought, I was able to come up with the idea of the word shadow being highlighted by a shadow to show the word.

Typography is very difficult because I felt restricted with the current font types preinstalled on my system. I am aware now free fonts are available which can represent all different types of words and meanings. I think when approaching type in the future I need to think more out of the box but I think I did well for a first attempt.

Exercise 3.6: Photomontage

Blind War

Blind War

My collage is made up of pictures of Barak Obama giving a speech, a man wearing a blindfold, a child holding a stick, an assault rifle, splash of paint, 3 soft toys and a toy plane. The back drop is a grassy field with an isolated, slightly barren tree but I adjusted the levels and saturation so the colour of the clouds look like blooms of smoke from fire and explosions. The adjusted saturation also makes the horizon line look like it’s on fire and blanketed with napalm or airstrikes.

The blindfold around the former president represents the people of power speaking, demanding and commanding war and yet still blinded and somewhat detached by the real damage and horrors of war.

In the sky is an image of a toy plane and this represents armed drones. They are used to fight wars in other countries and I believe can create a detachment from the acts being committed as its controlled like a game remotely.

On the ground, you have 3 toys and they represent dead people. I obscured their faces with a paint splash and adjusted the hue to make it red to signify blood.

To the side, I have a kneeling boy holding an assault rifle. I changed the levels and saturation to give the boy a more menacing look and replaced the stick in his hand into a rifle. I adjusted the rifle and increased its highlights till it became pure white, this is to create a stark contrast with the rest of the image. The gun is highlighted to show one of the deadliest inventions which has changed war from close range combat to long range warfare. A young boy represents how the army is full of young people due to the glamour of war and the kneeling shows submission to the higher ups.

Exercise 3.5: Abstract Cities

I created a series of 10 abstract designs with blocks of subordinate, dominant and accent colours.

These designs are for the following cities: Madrid Malmo Managua Manchester Manhattan Marrakech Marseilles Melbourne Montreal Mumbai


Madrid – capital of Spain, third largest city in EU, third largest metropolitan area in the EU after London and Paris. Gran via is located in the city centre and is known as the Spanish Broadway.  This street is very busy with nightlife, theatre and grand architecture. Madrid is also home to the famous football club Real Madrid. The city contains modern infrastructure but has preserved the look of many historic buildings such as the restored Royal Theatre and Buen Retiro Park. Plaza de Cibeles is an iconic symbol for the city and is a complex of fountains and marble sculptures.



Malmo is the largest city and capital of Sweden and it is one of the first towns of Scandinavia to be industrialised. Almost half of the population is under 35 so it’s a young city. Malmo is surrounded by water and has oceanic climate giving it slightly warmer weather despite its northern location. Turning Torso is a famous residential skyscraper in Sweden which is located in Malmo. Opened in 2005, it is the first “twisting” tower. Oresund Bridge is the longest combined rail/road bridge in Europe and connects Malmo to Denmark.



This city is the capital of Nicaragua which is located in Central America. Nicaragua is a popular tourist destination because of its active volcanoes and warm tropical climate.  The indigenous people of Managua were initially conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century but now it is independent but the main language of the population remains Spanish.  Many native tribes remain. Managua is located on the south west shore of Lake Managua. Managua encountered a devastating earthquake in 1972.



Second most populated urban area in the UK. Port of Manchester links the city to the sea. It is also the world’s first Industrialised city.  Manchester was initially civilised by the Romans in 79AD. Manchester also has vibrant arts, theatrical and music scene. A wide variety of architecture is also present in Manchester.



It is a borough in New York City and one of the most densely populated. It is known as the cultural and financial capital of the world due to Wall Street and large stock exchanges being based there. It is located on a small island surrounded by other islands. Manhattan is in New York and originally the home of the World trade Centres (Twin Towers) until they were taken down in a terrorist act. New York is also home to the famous yellow taxis and Times Square.



Marrakech is an old fortified city packed with souks (vendors and their stalls). It has French and Arab culture due to its mixed history from Islam and French colony. It is a popular tourist destination in Africa. It is also located near the Atlas Mountains and many of the inhabitants of Marrakech are Berber Farmers. The buildings are coloured red and the weather can be hot. Jemaa el-Fnaa is a popular tourist attraction; it is a square courtyard with market stalls, colours, smells, spices and entertainers with African drums and snakes.



It is a city located in south France. It has the largest port for commerce in France and is popular tourist location due to its warm humid weather and beaches next to the Mediterranean Sea.



Capital of Australia.  Warm summers and cool winters.  Hoddle Grid – centre of business district. Financially and economically strong. Urban.



Canada. French speaking. Humid summer and windy , snowy winter. Factories, warehouses, some old buidlings, residential. Mount royal park, large green space.



Hot, busy, capital, Bombay,  colours, culture, Bollywood.


Exercise 3.2 Signs and Symbols

The colour red is used for danger and used for love. I think the reason why there is a cross over is because of the shared origin in using the colour red to represent these feelings. Red in love represents the red from a red heart and that red originates from the colour of blood and this is the crossover into symbolism for danger because blood can indicate harm, a wound/cut, seeing red when someone gets angry, and blood rushing to the head making them red. Other things which are red but do not share the same sentiment is a red rose and a red devil.

Below is my sketch book containing my ideas, sketches, notes and mind map.

My final design. I came up with this idea by combining as many dangerous things into one image to create a single cohesive image. It is a red snake with a switch blade for its head and a lightening bolt for a tongue and its slithering in darkness through grass made of fire.

Knife Snake