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GD CC1 Assignment 1: Three Postcards To Represent Me – Mind Map

GD1 CC Assignment 1

Design a series of at least three postcards (final size A6) that say something about who you are, your interests in graphic design and your wider cultural influences or interest.


  • Introduction
  • Know you
  • Interests
  • Wider cultural influence
  • Image meaning
  • Why and why not

Mind Map


It was interesting creating a mind map for myself and it’s not something I have done extensively. It was difficult at first to reflect upon myself and what makes me who I am. I believe I am a complex person and I could have written a thousand words and subjects associated with me. I started off by writing down what was most important to me and subconsciously wrote them in priority order 1 o’clock clockwise from most to least important.

Through this mind map I could focus on the most important things to me, my cultural influences and my primary interest. I wrote the first things that came to my head associated with the subjects I chose to represent me and my interest. It was difficult not to just write down everything I know about the topics but to keep the information ultimately relevant to me and the influence it has on me as a person. I think next time I could expand even more and spend some more time reflecting and writing down ideas.

The mind map was useful and I could see the subjects that spawned more associated words from it thus showing my interest and knowledge on that topic. I was also able to understand myself better and noticed that I enjoy different experiences and cultures. Using this I could select a few interests in my life that take up a lot of my time and use this knowledge towards my first assignment creating postcards with images which hold meaning to me. The task of creating a mind map is simple yet effective.


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