Student number 516257
Studying BA Honour’s degree in Graphic Design
Level 1; Graphic Design 1 Core Concepts
Looking forward to Level 2 and Level 3

I was always interested in art and practised drawing from a young age. I had a brief stint in doing basic design work for friends and family in 2012. I want to now pursue my dream full steam ahead, gain expert knowledge, get the BA hons degree I always wanted, and gain a career that lets me truly express myself honestly.

I have basic experience in using Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign. I am a visual leaner and taught myself a few things using online tutorials and I believe studying Graphic Design with the OCA will take me to the next level. I expect OCA to give me the opportunity to express myself artistically using various platforms and hone my rough skills through tutelage. I am excited for the journey ahead.