Coursework · Part 4

Exercise: Hierarchy

Three different pages:

• an interview with a TV actor in a listings magazine entitled: Will Sheila tell the naked truth?

• a review of a new piece of hardware or software in a specialist computer magazine

• a book review in a newspaper’s weekend edition.
Three different combinations of typefaces appropriate for each publication can be found in the attached word document below (Magazine Typography).

Magazine Typography

TV Magazine

tv mag article

I chose the colours red and yellow as this seems to be colour of fonts found in TV magazines. The layout is also to mimic these magazines with half of the page and sometimes more taken up by a picture. The headline font is bold and simple, the font used is Arial Black. The subtitle is Calibri Bold because it is simple and similiar but slightly smaller with thinner strokes. The main body of text is Minion Pro, it is similiar to the headline font and this can be told by looking and seeing the slant at the top of the letter “t”. There is 3 short columns of text. The text is aligned to the left and ragged.


Computer Magazine

comp mag article

I made this design to feature plenty of white space and for it to only consist of 2 columns of text. The headline font is a digital looking font called Android Nation which really suits the style I am going for as i am trying to copy a computer games magazine.  The subtitle is Agency FB and the main body is Bell MT. I believe the font size and colours also play a part in the hierarchy.


Weekend Newspaper

newspaper article


The headline is Britannic Bold and I chose this font because it resembles old print but with style, it contains angled “t” and thin and thick strokes within the structure of a letter. The subtitle is Cambria, simple yet elegant with its tall and thin letters. The main body is Minion Pro, it’s a commonly used font and is very legible for large amounts of reading. The layout is 4 tall columns and a small image so not to create a wall of text. The main body of text is justified to create blocks of text as this is how it is normally found in newspapers to create what seems like rectangles.


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