Coursework · Part 4

Exercise: Lorum Ipsum

I chose this article to copy as it seems most pleasing to read compared to the other articles collected. There are 4 columns but not of equal measure, the third column is smaller. Unfortunately, I could not create this look exactly and instead created 4 symmetrical columns. I did make it so that it was as similar as possible with the image boxes and the coloured text. I noticed having the text in the different columns at different heights created a flow for your eyes to follow and this flow was descending, starting from top left to the bottom right. There is also good space between the header, sub title and main body.

I also tried to match the font but could not do so exactly. I did get close matching the letter ‘g’ and ‘a’ and having the tips of the letters rounded just like the font I was trying to copy. I could not get the title/header to be as bold as the article. The article started with a drop cap and the words were aligned to the left with the text ragged. I think having the text ragged makes it easier to read because justified text just creates a wall of text with less white space and weird spaces between words and letters instead. If anything was changed like font, alignment etc meant the article not being as legible as it currently is. I normally don’t use InDesign so it was useful and a big learning experience trying to copy this article. Overall, I am happy with my attempt.


Lorem Ipsum Article finished

Below is another attempt to copy the typography, layout and overall design from another article.


Lorum Ipsum Article 2 attempt


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