Notes · Part 4

Exercise: If the face fits

Exercise 4.3 - Font Collection

Exercise 4.3 - Font Collection Cont'

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With all the mock up designs I decided to have them totally plain and no colour. This is so to reflect the intentions of the message and audience intended only on the strength of the words and typography. This also made me see things clearly without getting distracted by colour and images.

  • A short story in a woman’s magazine entitled “I thought I loved him; now I’m not so sure”. The story is 1300 words long so you will need to identify a text font and a headline font.

Headline font chosen is French Script MT as the French represent love and romance. The font also conjures images of a handwriting style used in love letters. The text font I have chosen is Gill Sans MT as this is a clean san serif font which I believe is like what is used currently in magazines. The clean look will also make it easier to read as the story is 1300 words long.

  • An advertisement in a parish magazine asking for more helpers on the flower rota. The finished size is A6 landscape and the text reads: “Can you add that important artistic flourish to our church? We desperately need more volunteers to join the flower rota. If you can help or would like more information please contact Jennie”

For the headline font I used the font type Algerian because it has an old feeling to it. The font has a slight emboss look and its angular serif look also reminds me of the architecture found in a church/parish. For the main body of text I used the font Book Antique because it is clean serif font which resembles the font type found in old books.


  • A poster to advertise an after-school club for boys aged 13 – 14. The poster will be A3 size and the copy reads: “Bored? Feeling got at? Nowhere to go? Then why not come and join us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school in the Old Gym. We’ve got football, ping pong, table soccer, computers, Karate, cooking and lots more. All free just come along.”

I used the font Some Time Later for the headline font. I used this font on the first 3 questions because its bold and has an irregular look. It resembles a freehand style like graffiti found on a wall. For the main body I used the font Segoe Print as it resembles a freehand, script like font. The font design is something similar to how young people would write in their text books and/or found in their favourite comics.

  • Your friends’ engagement party. They want a flyer A5 size to send to their friends as if advertising a club night. The copy reads: “Mandy and Josh are finally going to do it…well almost!!!!! Come and join them on Friday 24 March from 8pm at the Golden Calf to celebrate their long awaited engagement… and yes lots of presents would be gratefully received particularly if we can drink them!!!!!

For the headline i used the font Remachine Script as it reminded me of a font style found on invitation cards. The font style has joint up letters so it gives off a personal feel as if someone wrote the heading. I like how the upper caps highlight the first letters in their names as it is their engagement. For the main body I used the font Pristine, it is slightly italic with style added to the desenders/ascenders. It also reminds me of a style found in wedding/engagement invitation cards.

I also used different fonts to change the feel of the various messages, some examples are below. I tried to create the opposite feeling of the message by only changing the font style. I feel some of the changes were drastic and prove that typography is very important.

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