Part 4

Exercise: A typographic jigsaw puzzle

tracing font

My appreciation on the design behind type has increased immensely. When looking at it closely all the small nuances can be noticed. I have come to realisation that uniformity comes from the median line and the shared ascenders, bowls, serif etc.

Completing the task seemed relatively easy when sticking to the instructions of finding the median line first and then filling in the rest but more I continued I realised I made mistakes in recreating the exact font. Mistakes were created due to the many similar ascenders, bowls, descenders, and cross bars but I think I came close to the font type intended.

I am also surprised to see how a single letter can be broken down into parts and it makes me understand how there can be such a variety of typefaces. Going forward, understanding the construction will help me choose the correct font for my designs or if necessary create my own.


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