Coursework · Part 3

Exercise 3.6: Photomontage

Blind War

Blind War

My collage is made up of pictures of Barak Obama giving a speech, a man wearing a blindfold, a child holding a stick, an assault rifle, splash of paint, 3 soft toys and a toy plane. The back drop is a grassy field with an isolated, slightly barren tree but I adjusted the levels and saturation so the colour of the clouds look like blooms of smoke from fire and explosions. The adjusted saturation also makes the horizon line look like it’s on fire and blanketed with napalm or airstrikes.

The blindfold around the former president represents the people of power speaking, demanding and commanding war and yet still blinded and somewhat detached by the real damage and horrors of war.

In the sky is an image of a toy plane and this represents armed drones. They are used to fight wars in other countries and I believe can create a detachment from the acts being committed as its controlled like a game remotely.

On the ground, you have 3 toys and they represent dead people. I obscured their faces with a paint splash and adjusted the hue to make it red to signify blood.

To the side, I have a kneeling boy holding an assault rifle. I changed the levels and saturation to give the boy a more menacing look and replaced the stick in his hand into a rifle. I adjusted the rifle and increased its highlights till it became pure white, this is to create a stark contrast with the rest of the image. The gun is highlighted to show one of the deadliest inventions which has changed war from close range combat to long range warfare. A young boy represents how the army is full of young people due to the glamour of war and the kneeling shows submission to the higher ups.


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