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Assignment 3: Colour Me

The brief (keywords highlighted)

To produce a poster (297mm x 420mm) that celebrates a colour of your choice. Choose a colour that has a meaning that you want to explore and celebrate. Think about what the colour you have chosen means both to you and to other people and create something that celebrates that meaning, for example you may choose a golden brown because you like real ale, a vivid green because of a particular landscape, green to celebrate Irish identity or the yellow sandstone of Bath’s architecture.


Work only with your chosen colour, its complementary colour and black and white. You can include text, collages, illustrations and photographs. Use black and white to help establish a range of tints and shades with your chosen colour. These limitations are to get you to work with colour thinking creatively about how to make a limited palette work for you.

This project is as much about visual dynamics and contrast as it is about creating something with meaning. Make full use of it to show off to your tutor all the skills and processes you have learnt so far.

You need to submit at least three variations of your poster as well as the finished artwork.

My colour

I want to explore the colour RED. It is one of my favourite colours and I believe can evoke feelings from both ends of the spectrum such as love and anger. I believe the colour red can create good contrast to images and help focus a single part to an image due to its vibrancy and association to warning signs and symbols. Red is a primary colour and I will use its complementary colour per the colour wheel and this is green.

The colour red represents many things to me. I see the colour red in the Bangladesh flag and representing the blood shed by my ancestors when they fought for their independence and freedom. Red to me represents the red sun and the warmth it gives. Red is the colour that many of my superheroes wear such as Superman, Red Ranger (Power Rangers), Dante (Devil May Cry),and  Ryu (Street Fighter) to name a few. Red is a bold and vibrant colour and could represent many things to other people. It can represent love or anger, and it can be used to attract or highlight something. No matter the colour of skin, all blood is red.

Red – word association

Heart, blood, devil, rose, apple, fire, strawberry, London Bus, London Telephone Box, red sun, red nose, red lips, red shoes, lady in red dress, anger, love, sexuality, heat, stop signs, attention signs, Royal dresses, traditional Asian bridal dress, Superhero costumes, red headband (Rambo), red jacket (Michael Jackson), highest arc in Rainbow, red in the financial world means a negative direction, Coke, Red bull, Red Cross, warning, danger, red light district.

The colour red is so iconic to our visual surroundings and I have included some examples below.


Research done on the following websites:

Videos watched

The Use of Red in Perfect Blue

What Does Wearing the Colour Red Mean? Study Finds Answers

The Matrix (1999) ~ The Woman In The Red Dress [1080p|HD]


Initial designs

Final Poster – 3 Variations

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Final Posterblood final

I decided to have my final poster to be abstract and to contain stark contrast. It has deep blacks and bright red which pops from being on a white background. The colour I chose to celebrate is red and so I tried to show fear, danger and violence in my design.

I think I accomplished this with creating an abstract design concealing the face and highlighting the blood and the colour red. I used blood to represent danger.  I wanted to make the blood seem real so causing a level of anxiety when looking at the image.

I also believe the abstract design causes a level on uneasiness as it resembles a Rorschach image and you can’t help but focus on the red gun. The colour red is used to highlight and bring attention to text and images in other designs so I chose to colour the gun entirely in red like a block shape and hopefully have the viewers’ attention diverted straight to the gun which is also a symbol of fear and danger.

This final design is very different from the original design and I subconsciously applied Occam’s razor. The design was simplified the more I reworked and refined the poster. I am very happy with the outcome of this poster.


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