Coursework · Part 3

Exercise 3.2 Signs and Symbols

The colour red is used for danger and used for love. I think the reason why there is a cross over is because of the shared origin in using the colour red to represent these feelings. Red in love represents the red from a red heart and that red originates from the colour of blood and this is the crossover into symbolism for danger because blood can indicate harm, a wound/cut, seeing red when someone gets angry, and blood rushing to the head making them red. Other things which are red but do not share the same sentiment is a red rose and a red devil.

Below is my sketch book containing my ideas, sketches, notes and mind map.

My final design. I came up with this idea by combining as many dangerous things into one image to create a single cohesive image. It is a red snake with a switch blade for its head and a lightening bolt for a tongue and its slithering in darkness through grass made of fire.

Knife Snake

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