Coursework · Notes · Part 3 · Research & Reflection

PART 3: Visual Language – research point 1

Research – Yoshitomo Nara

I have looked at the work of Yoshitomo Nara based on recommendation. To me his art based on children are subtly unnerving maybe because of my fear of the movie Children of the Corn (1984). I like his artwork especially the artwork linked below. It is a simple yet effective piece of design. It reminds me of a passport photo of a child staying still, looking forward and unable to smile so to meet the requirements of a passport photo. This girl seems to be a prominent figure in his drawings or little girls of a similar nature, short hair, wide eyed and big foreheads.

I notice this image has perfect symmetry and it seems that it’s a half a child with a mirror reflection representing the other half and this creates an unusual gap size between her eyes. The eyes are the centre piece to this design. The girl has very big dark eyes and they seem to portray sadness. The eyes are also very wide apart making the girl look unnatural which adds to the weirdness. She has a big forehead and with the blank stare it makes me think she has psychic powers. The nose on the girl is represented as two dots and again this makes the girl look weird as she seems more like a snake then a human. The colours used are earthy colours and this also gives of a feeling of gloom. To me this girl represents a sad orphan but I’m sure it meant something else for Yoshitomo Nara as this image is named Cosmic Girl Eyes Open but art like this can be open to interpretation and this is mine.

Cosmic Girl Eyes Open, 2008

SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd.

Research – David Shrigley

Through recommendation I am looking at the work of David Shrigley on his official website. I am looking at his work to be inspired to loosen my drawing technique. I can see that his drawings are using either pastel colours or black ink on white paper. They remind me of the sketches and doodles I did in school with a pen.

His drawings have people and animals with loosely defined limbs, and white eyes (no pupil or iris). The drawings seem intentionally crude and the men he draws are normally nude with weird facial features and elongated noses.

His drawings seem to be childlike but sinister at the same time. He has a drawing of an oversized spider standing over a nude man who is laying down (fig 1)and then he also has a drawing of a man smiling with glee as he holds a torn leg from a spider (fig 2).


Fig 1 – David Shrigley, title unknown (Source – – 2013)



Fig 2 – David Shrigley, title unknown (Source – – 2013)


Children of the Corn (1984) Initial release: 9 March 1984 (USA), Director: Fritz Kiersch, Story by: Stephen King

List of Figures

Fig 1 – David Shrigley (drawing from 2013), title unknown – retrieved on Jan 2017 from

Fig 2 – David Shrigley (drawing from 2013), title unknown – retrieved on Jan 2017 from


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