Notes · Part 3 · Research & Reflection

Exercise 3.1: Visual Diary

When I look at the images I have collected I can see a trend in images that contain character design and creative visual imagery. I like imagery with a strong contrast in colours or a darker colour palette. I enjoy drawing and since young I have been designing and drawing cartoon characters and so because of this I think I appreciate character artwork more than landscape or abstract.

I enjoy creativity in design and clever composition. I enjoy collecting movie posters and fan made artwork. I am very much influenced by the media I consume such as Hollywood and Japanese anime and this is reflected in the images I have collected. I was born in the 80s and brought up in the 90s and these years also play a big part in my designs and the artwork that resonate the most with me. I am open minded and can enjoy art and design from various cultures, genres and sub genres.

You can find the images I have collected over the web on the link below.


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