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Thinking of You – Mock ups and further visual research


I have created ideas, sketches and some mock-ups for a few greeting cards which all include memorable moments in life which are not currently catered for by the major card companies. I initially had the idea to design cards based on the sad moments in life and use a little tongue in cheek humour, but through research I came to the realisation that nobody wanted to highlight the sadness in their lives with a greeting card.  As Hallmark Cards (1910) states on their website “To us, a card is never just a card. It should leave a lasting impression and make a memory last.” and so it was finalised that my cards would be positive moments in life worth remembering.

My first design is a card shaped as a house. The front looks like a normal house and the words “Congrats! You have raised enough deposit”. This signifies and implies that the person has raised enough money for a deposit to get a house on a mortgage. I will change the wordings on the front to something that sounds better and delivers the message more directly.  Normally the card companies only make cards to congratulate the actual purchasing of a house but I think with so many people struggling to get a mortgage, raising a large deposit is a significant achievement in itself.

On the inside of this card is designed to be like the inside of the house and I have created it so it is a contrast to the front. The inside will be barren and just be an empty house. The message will be in jest but will highlight the truth that more money would be needed now to buy the furniture.  This will be done in a humorous way but will imply that getting the house is only the first step; there is more cost once you move in. I also want to juxtapose the inside with the outside to show that sometimes what see on the outside does not always give you the full picture.

My second design is a pop up card. I have decided to create a pop up because it literally pops the design thus making it more interesting. During my research, my work colleagues said to me that they would like to give their children a card when they get accepted into university because getting into university itself is an honour especially if it’s a well-known prestigious university. At the moment there are card companies only catering to the completion of higher education studies and congratulating graduation.

The front is designed to mimic an entry ticket and the inside contains a pop up literally thrusting into your face a can of beans with toast. The message will read something along the lines of “this is your diet from now on”. Just like the previous card design I want to balance achievement with harsh reality but with humour so the overall card is still seen as a positive and nice gesture. The idea for beans and toast as a diet in university is based on the experiences of my close friend when his money ran dry.


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