Assignment 2: Thinking of you – completed

I did like the idea of a card congratulating on purchasing a new home and this being  represented by  a small house in its entirety so that would include the front, the inside and the back of the house.  I decided not to include the house design as part of my final selection of greeting cards  because the idea is not unique enough and a card featuring a house on the front is very common thus not sticking to the brief of creating cards which are currently not catered for. I did think about keeping the design and modifying it and changing the message but instead I ended up created three separate designs.


After some feedback from various people I also decided to change my 2nd design which was of card congratulating an entry to a chosen university represented by an entry ticket. The design was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) and the golden ticket from that story. I really liked this design but the words “you have been chosen” stimulated another idea and even a better idea according to feedback.

My final idea for this then evolved into a student being “chosen” by a UFO and being beamed up into it. The UFO is actually a graduation hat and this is supposed to represent a university. The inside contains a simple message of motivation with a faint backdrop of beans and toast which is seen humorously as a student diet. This was the winning design for me and the people I asked.

My other design for a greeting card is based on a design of a certificate of completion. I got this idea from my wife who said she would love to give her friend a card to show appreciation of her accomplishing a major milestone in her faith which was to complete the Hajj pilgrimage. I understood that for most theory or practical based education a certificate is received on completion so I thought this card could be designed in the same manner. Also islamically once completing the pilgrimage you are then known as Hajji amongst the Muslim community and it can be used as a title to a name. This reminded me on how completing certain studies can give a person different titles like Dr and this also inspired me to create a greeting card based off the design off a certificate of completion.

I chose to include the colour green as this is a very popular colour in Islam; I chose the border to have arches as this is also very prominent in Islamic architecture. I included a simple logo at the bottom to represent Islam and the five pillars of Islam. One of the five pillars of Islam is the Hajj pilgrimage. I used a font which looked similar to Arabic writing so to keep everything consistent in its design. The inside contains a statement from the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) from a Hadith (collection of his sayings) which signifies the importance of the task completed. My intention is that this is more than a greeting card but an actual certificate of completion presented by a loved one.

My final greeting card design is for someone to receive when getting their first credit card. My career has been in finance and I know having a credit card is very common but the biggest problem with credit cards is not paying on time or paying enough thus resulting in increasing debt. My idea is to represent how dangerous it can be having a credit card.

My initial idea was to have someone purchasing something with a credit card but for the person to be chains and weighed down by weights representing debt. I decided to go for more of a simple approach to imitate a warning sign and represent the card like a monster eating money as this is what it could do but not in the literal sense. By showing this in the literal sense I thought it could pass the message intended and be funny at the same time. The inside is kept simple with an image of a yellow post it note with the message to pay off the credit card.


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