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Exercise: Point of sale display

When thinking about this design, I wanted to keep the fruit and veg bright and colourful like the photos I took of the fruit and veg in my kitchen. I analysed the brief and understood from it that the display needs to be seen from across the road and through the shop window also that the primary audience would be parents and children. Using Occam’s razor I chose to have only 1 central image of a single fruit or veg and a couple of bold descriptive words to stimulate the taste buds. I used colours you would associate with fruit and vegetables and stimulate hunger like the colour orange. I left the background white so the central image pops from the display. I chose an iconic fruit and vegetable to be centre stage but I also chose these as they do not need any preparation to eat and could be brought by a parent to give to a child immediately. From the previous task I learnt that I did not want to many words to messy the design and I wanted the design to be clear and dynamic.

I decided to use Illustrator to create vector images. This meant my illustrations could be enlarged without losing any quality or becoming pixellated. Also I drew my illustrations with bold bright colours and a black border to give it a child friendly cartoon feel because in the brief it described this shop is on route to a primary school so hopefully catching the attention of children. I think I included enough information and this should be enough to attract customers to the store to buy fruit and vegetables. One thing I did consider was to include in the design the words sale or deal because when I walk through my town centre all the shops always have a sale going on and its advertised well. I eventually decided not to include the words sale/bargain/deal because I thought it would cheapen the desire to eat fresh new fruit and veg thus taking away the appeal to come into this store.




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