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Exercise: Too much or not enough information

Ideas for event

Too much.xmas-at-stockwood-poster

Too little.xmas-at-stockwood-clean


For my poster design I got feedback from my wife and daughter. My daughter told me I needed to keep Elsa in the design. My daughter asked questions around the words bubble disco and magic. She made me aware that this is what attracted her most to the picture and by looking at her face it’s what intrigued her the most. My Wife made me aware that the cost should be on the final poster or she would not consider calling the box office if she saw an event without the cost stated. I kept my final poster simple with only enough design to attract a passer-by and just enough information to point them in the right direction including how much, when and where this event will be. It was nice getting feedback in person and an instant reaction from them as they would be the target audience for such an event.


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