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Exercise 2.3: Visualising your ideas

Design a leaflet to attract people to volunteer for a task.

How to distribute leaflet: I would hand the leaflets out as I believe having a person behind the leaflet and making the voluntary task personal makes the task have an emotional connection. I think delivering it in the post would mean the leaflet would get thrown in the bin with the rest of the junk mail that comes through post.

Design: If there was an opportunity for a stall, I would consider making the leaflets designed so they could stand up and not just lay flat so to attract passers-by. I would consider making the leaflets using a simple origami technique which would have a large face to display the central message that I am trying to communicate. I considered a standing scroll design but even though it literally stood out, there wasn’t enough initial space to communicate a message and the message could only be communicated once the scroll had interaction and opened to its full spread.

Ideas into visual: I started off sketching and researching common leaflet designs. Initially due to the bombardment of normal leaflet designs that surround me I started with standard folded leaflet designs. I tried to think out of the box and then moved onto the scroll design and finally ended with an origami design. This was due to physically having the scroll leaflet in front of me and seeing that it was not very useful in communicating an initial message. Having a prototype and physical make of my leaflet was good as I could see how practical it would be for someone to hold and read. Working in 3D space gave me the opportunity to see all angles and consider how it would work in the real world.

My finale idea is a simple origami polo neck t-shirt. It stands out in a crowd of normal looking leaflets, also the t-shirt could be part of the message and represent clothing for the poor. Some charity and voluntary organisations have t-shirts to show that they are part of that charity so this leaflet could be a miniature version of it. The leaflet also has a large front facing area for an eye-catching design or message unlike complex origami designs. This design can also be opened as it is folded and so more information can be on the inside like a traditional leaflet. I used the site origami resource centre ( for instructions on how to build this origami design.


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