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Exercise 2.2: Book Cover Design

These are my final designs for the 3 book set from HG Wells. I made it so that the cover only contained a single image surrounded by white space thus creating a modern and contemporary look. The font I created was thin and long and this helped with creating a contemporary feel. The image I chose for each book is simple yet iconic to represent the title thus attracting and creating instant recognition. The layout of all 3 book covers are the same to create the sense that they are part of a set and from the same author. I have kept the word H.G Wells prominant near the top seprate from any distraction. All the images are to the left and all the text is to the right with the title overlapping the image and this creates order with a little visual tension. I have also created visual tension in the design by having the imaginary image box larger than the text box. I also used the same font type and sizes to create unity between the books. All the boooks also shared the same colour scheme.



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