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Part 2 Exercise 2: Book Cover Design

Keywords in brief

Your brief is to design a stunning and contemporary cover for one of the 20th century’s most acclaimed authors, HG Wells. Known mostly for his science fiction writing, HG Wells also wrote social novels that are still relevant today, covering topics such as the mid-life crisis, class, feminism, materialism, consumerism and love. Your challenges to create cover designs for three of his books that work as a set and establish the books as timeless fiction. The books will be published in paperback format and need to include the title, author’s name, publishers name and trademark. You only need to design the front cover and spine.

Research Action

I would research the history of HG Wells and get an understanding of the books he completed. I would read the synopsis and analyse the front covers of some of his famous books so to emulate when thinking of my designs. This would be my primary research and I would use the Internet, and high street book stores to gather my information.

My secondary research would be finding a documentary or article about HG Wells. I would use the internet to see if it could point me in the right direction. I would then use the library at the University I work to access any journals or literature on HG Wells and his work. I would look into what influenced him and what were his inspirations subsequently to give me inspiration.

Visual research







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