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GD1 CC PART 2 Exercise: Working to a Brief

Think: About what you are asked to do? Will the client be happy with the outcome? What are the keywords in a brief? Are there any questions to ask client?

Keywords in Brief 1

Create packaging for Quaker’s new ‘Chilled Creamy Oats’ product for young women looking for a truly delicious healthy snack. The target audience is young women juggling many jobs and priorities everyday. They like to eat well but also love treats and hate feeling hungry. They like the idea of oats for their natural goodness but find the idea of eating them bland and unappealing.

Task: The client wants me to design and create packaging for a new healthy but tasty oats product for Quaker’s.

Target Audience: Young modern women, who like to look good, stay fit but still enjoy life.


Are there any colours you would like to include or restrict from the design?

Who will provide the logos/photos?

Design Idea: Use green colour to indicate health and wellbeing. Use vibrant colours to feel fresh and new and the colour orange to trigger hunger. Keep the design simple and clean so to attract women who may be too busy to look carefully. Make attention to the health benefits on front but include a delicious looking picture on the front using a warm hue and scrumptious fruit pieces on the oats.

Successful Outcome: I believe the client will be happy if I can create a design to communicate to young modern women the message of great taste and health in their oats.

Keywords in Brief 2

Most of us have experienced a long rail journey – we witness the dramatic contrasts of the changing landscape, the inter-connections at various points along the way; various people embark and disembark; the dynamic is ever- changing… finally we reach our destination.

This brief challenges you to take a metaphorical journey on the theme of connections. Explore the theme as broadly as possible and take us on a journey that might link, amongst other things – people, events, philosophies, theories, objects, movements, inventions, history, literature, etc. Your journey is only limited by your own imagination and the quality of your research – surprise us with the juxtaposition of your selected themes but be sure to communicate to the viewer the ‘connectedness’ of the thinking within your design. Define your market, and how you will target it.

Task: The client wants me to use my own imagination and research to create a design communicating the message of connections, journey and change.

Target Audience: I can target any audience but it must be well-defined.


No questions to ask as the brief states the only limitation are my imagination and research.

Design Idea: A timeline design showing progression of technology and the connection it has with global warming. Include elements of a journey and juxtaposition of our happiness and wellbeing with the earths decline in happiness and wellbeing. Include the animals that suffer in the destruction of forest while Humans enjoy life. Create the design on a long piece of paper folded to create square panels like a zigzag and then have 1 side represent our happiness with consumption, technology, etc. and the other side global warming and its affects. Take the viewer through a literal journey from seeing the first panel to the last

Successful Outcome: I think a successful outcome to this brief is very subjective as they have not given many parameters. I do think a great outcome would be a design that includes and signifies a journey, change and then destination/end.

Keywords in Brief 3

To raise awareness of the risks of underage drinking and contribute towards a cultural change in society’s attitude towards alcohol. The purpose of the Department for Children, Schools and Families is to make this the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up… to make children and young people happy and healthy and help them stay on track.

With a core proposition of ‘Alcohol leaves you (or your children) vulnerable’, the campaign will urge parents to talk to their children before they consider drinking, to help avoid vulnerable situations. The messages to young people will get them to think about the effects of drinking.

Creative ideas should use the campaign identity ‘Why let drink decide?’ to extend the campaign’s reach and specifically target young people aged between 13 and 16. We are open to ideas about the media or format you think is most appropriate to reach the target audience.

Task: To create a design (any media or format appropriate to reach the target) for a campaign to communicate a message and raise awareness to the risk of underage drinking.

Target Audience: The message is intended for young people and children. The design also needs to be able to communicate to the parents of children so they can be urged to talk to their children about the risks involved with drinking.


Would you like the campaign to be more educational with facts or would you prefer imagery to create emotions and to raise questions and concerns?

Design Idea: I think the media/format should be a short YouTube video because watching short clips is very popular with the young people of today. This gives it the ability to go viral and spread the message to the mass as intended by the campaign. It also has the ability to be shared on social networks. I think the clip could start with cheerful cartoon illustrations and then due to drinking it can show the cartoon character unable to perform simple task. It can be illustrated like a 16bit video game to appeal and capture initial interest.

Successful Outcome: I think a successful outcome would be a design which can communicate effectively the dangers and risk of underage drinking. It needs to be able to appeal to young people but flexible enough that parents of children would understand the message communicated.  A great design would include the message “why let drink decide”.

My Choice

I think I would like to tackle the 2nd brief because it gives me the freedom to design what I want and to target the audience of my choice. I am also inclined to the 2nd brief because I have already imagined creating a design to communicate global warming and its affect juxtaposed with the advancement of technology and our enjoyment. I find this topic very interesting and very important for all mankind.

This brief would force me to research like a marketing personal, my audience, the message I am trying to communicate and how best to deliver it. I like the ideas of this brief, such as going on a journey and connections. I am a spiritual person and this resonates with me and being connected with each other and the world. I think this would stretch my ability to think out of the box, grow as a designer and be unique as the brief has only a few requirements and specifics.

I think the easier brief would actually still be either brief 1 or 3 as they contain the most information, give more information on target audience and what exactly the client would want.


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