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GD1 CC Part 1 Exercise: Picture Charades

My first blog post: Doing this exercise was fun and it is something I have done before so I was immediately comfortable and familiar with what I was doing. I am a big fan of playing charades and drawing so combining them both as a first exercise was great.

I attempted this task more thoughtfully than normal so I could reflect on the concept of “sending and receiving”. I came to realise very quickly the image I thought represented did not represent the same meaning for my family. My experience with an image was different from my family members and this was fascinating to see and how they differed in their perspective. I also realised that they could not understand some of my drawings and what it was, I think I need to improve my illustrations.

I stuck with some iconic imagery like the cowl and cape and bike with basket flying past a large moon backdrop. I think next time I will try harder to illustrate some more complex TV and film titles then see if I am successful in communicating the title I intend.

I have left out the answers so you can attempt to name which movie/TV/book title I am trying to communicate. The answers are below.

This was a task where I could understand how feedback was important and this gave me the chance to add or edit my pictures till the message was put across successfully. I have started to see how in graphic design I must on first attempt through planning and research have the design that best puts across and represents what my message is.

ANSWERS (anticlockwise): Batman V Superman, Rocky, Fight Club, Prince of Egypt, E.T, Terminator 2, Aladdin.


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